Why I liked this book

It should be no surprise that our government does sketchy things it prefers not to reveal to its citizenry under the auspice of national security. If this is a surprise, hop out from under that rock and buy this book. Annie Jacobsen is an incredible investigative journalist who gives the topic of Area 51 the level of journalistic scrutiny it deserves. From poring through thousands of declassified documents to speaking with ex-military and CIA who worked at Area 51, she paints a disconcerting picture of the clandestine activities conducted at Area 51. 

The topic of the Cold War and the nuclear arms race that stemmed from it fascinates me. So many times did we come close to nuclear armageddon, and it wasn’t because of the Russians. The United States, and namely the CIA, forged ahead with such dangerous projects they’d seem like the stuff of movies today. From nuclear bomb tests that nearly punched holes in the ozone layer to creating a rocket engine that could go to Mars, Area 51 was home to a wide array of unnerving tests. 

This book is not a conspiracy theorist’s book. It’s a seminal piece of our history that is swept under the rug. Americans have a right to know what their government does in the purported name of protection, and Jacobsen provides a solid history of a chapter of it.

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