Bottle of Lies


Deception and greed underlie the Indian generic drug industry. From top to bottom, the former pharmaceutical giant Ranbaxy obscured drug research findings to maximize profits in foreign markets. "Bottle of Lies" captures the extent of this, revealing how a single whistleblower turned the company on its head.

Why I liked this book

After reading this book, it's doubtful I'll ever opt for the cheaper alternative in a generic drug. Eban's thorough investigation of the Ranbaxy scandal is profound and unsettling. Ranbaxy, once the gem of India's pharma industry, portrayed its products as less expensive but equally effective as pricier American-made drugs. A lone whistleblower, recognizing the risks posed to the millions taking Ranbaxy's drugs, was courageous enough to expose it all. "Bottle of Lies" provides a compelling narrative on conniving corporate tactics to evade regulators, a whistleblower who upended his life for the greater good, and the surprising inability of the American government to address the threat to patients consuming Ranbaxy's drugs. Eban's no-nonsense writing style makes "Bottle of Lies" an excellent and informative read.

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