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Kill Your Governor

Don't worry, Greg Abbott. I don't mean you. FBI, you can drop the surveillance. Please don't tap my phone. What I'm actually referring to is the feature in modern vehicles that prohibits them from going their top speed. If you have a car, you've seen the speed gauge on your dash. It goes from 0mph to 130, 150, 160, etc. However, due to car conglomerates terrified of law suits and safety recalls, they keep a limit on how fast your car can truly go.

Essentially, your car is signaling to you (no pun intended) that it is capable of a top speed that it truly isn't. The idea of this "governor" isn't unique to just vehicles. It transcends metal and fiberglass into mind and flesh. We are like cars. We are brought into this world with such potential but rarely are able to achieve it. There are exceptions, of course. But for the mass percentage of humans, the veil will never be pierced.

For a variety of reasons, this is the norm. One can blame externalities like upbringing, geographic constraints, culture faults, etc., but I prefer to focus on the internal. I try to view the world through a Stoic lens. Thus, my logical conclusion is that the responsibility falls on the individual to achieve their greatness. I should note: I'm writing this in my underwear and succumbed to a P. Terry's craving last night.


Regardless, I still see truth in the sentiment. Where this tangles with the human governor (still not you, Greg, sorry), is that it's almost like we have a figurative ceiling we either ram against or are too scared to get near. Beyond that ceiling is our true potential. It's where the versions we want to perceive of ourselves live. Perhaps it's heaven? Maybe that's what angels are. I digress. Consider yourself as you read this and think of the version of yourself you could be if you championed over your faults and bad habits. Perhaps you never eat a carb again. Maybe you knuckle down on that side hustle idea that's been rattling in your mind for two years. Maybe you muster that relentless grit to take on the world. But let's be honest. You probably will never do those things like you imagine. I think that's because the governor kicks in right as you start to get excited about such things. Don't take what I said above personally. Those examples are all things I wish I could do. You may achieve a percentage of your own goals, but the vision in your head is beyond the governor.

But perhaps it's not.

This is where you kill your governor. This is where you prison shank the fuck out of that negative thought bubble that arises and tells you to pack it up and call it a day. Maybe you can't truly do 160 miles per hour. But god dammit, you can do 120. It's just like what Einstein theorized in saying we can never achieve light speed. We can never sail amongst the current of the universe at full clip.

However, if you achieve just 1% of light speed, you'll have traveled 250 times faster than anyone else has gone before.

And that's pretty damn good. Kill your governor.


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