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Producing a Playthrough Video

As Pala grows up, it's crucial for us to create quality-produced content. We've been wanting to create a playthrough video for a while and we finally did it. Using some cheap lights, my fireplace, camera, and a tripod, we self-produced this video (below). It wasn't too hard to do outside of syncing audio. THAT was tough since we didn't' use an audio sync instance. Rookie move, but now we know.

Here's how we did it:

  1. Stage set
  2. Stage lights
  3. Identify angles
  4. Set camera settings (ISO, white balance, etc.)
  5. Compose shot
  6. Shoot each angle at least three times (redundancy is ideal for quality and shot selection)
  7. Use your bassist to shoot a handheld version (if bassist does not exist, use a friend)
  8. Edit
  9. Release
  10. Make millions

We are waiting on 10. It'll happen any time now. If you have any questions about the production or how your band can do something similar, holler! I'd love to help you out.

Here's the video:

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