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The Champion Hologram

Photo by Holger Link on Unsplash

No, this isn't an 80's action thriller starring Arnold Schwarzenegger set in a post-apocalyptic world of cultural unrest and neon. Rather, it's a thought that's not new, but something I had become privy to after hearing mixed martial artist, Jon Jones, discuss his mindset for winning. It's the idea of crafting a champion-like figure in your mind and basing your decisions off the assumed ones this internal champion would make. For Jones, this meant doing x in training or doing y in his diet. Of course, the light heavyweight champion is no angel. He has his flaws like the rest of us. However, that kernel of an idea is applicable to every single human on Earth.

On MMA lines, fans of Joe Rogan have probably heard of his saying: "be the hero of your own movie". Again, the sentiment evokes an idea of manifesting another being inside of your identity to reflect decisions off of. This is the essential concept of "The Champion Hologram". Holograms, of course, do not hold mass. They are light projections one could pass a hand through. Think Obi-Wan from Star Wars talking to Luke through a small console that projects his image. We can create an internal holographic image of an ideal self that can perform as a better moral compass than the one we assume we have.

Here's an example: I wake up in the morning and told myself the night before that I would do 30 minutes of yoga to start the day. However, upon awakening, I feel groggy. Frankly, I don't want to do the yoga practice past-me has planned to do. If I don't check in with The Champion Hologram (TCH), I very well could just not do the practice at all. Yet, once checking in and conferring with this champion being, I am made aware that I should hold true to my commitment. I know it is beneficial for me and I will have a strong sense of accomplishment afterwards. TCH must be right–he is the champion, afterall. I perform the 30 minutes of yoga and indeed feel accomplished for doing so.

This small check-in with TCH is near meaningless in one instance. However, compounding multitudes over time lead me closer to the champion vision of myself that I hold. Referencing the above example, assume I have done this every single day for a month. I would most likely be more flexible, relaxed, and have a sustained sense of accomplishment that nourishes my need for fulfillment. Let's play with the hologram here. Imagine there's a reality where I can immediately create a copy of myself and give that copy orders. I say: "Copy, you will continue on without doing morning yoga like we have always done." Then, the actual me continues the practice. We fast forward six months and catch up with Me and Copy. Who do you think is the more advanced version? Probability suggests me, assuming that no other factors have changed.

This is the long-play of The Champion Hologram. It is a practice/thought/concept we must perpetuate to see meaningful changes in our lives. What does your Holographic Champion look like? Do you drink less? Do you read more? Are you kinder to people? Perhaps you redesign your website and start a journal to opine your thoughts.

Anyhoo, The Champion Hologram is something I try to enact that provides tangible results from an intangible concept. I wanted to share with you so that you can do the same.



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